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Nue helps organizations enact what they want to do and breaks down silos between teams.

Julian Hannabuss
Director of RevOps

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Procurify is an Intelligent Spend Management company, that offers a procure-to-pay solution, allowing customers to capture unified spend data that can be harnessed for time and cost savings.


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Key features

From the ground up, Nue has been built with our type of business in mind. They cater to organizations who sell subscriptions, especially with elements of complexity—all with one solution.

Julian Hannabuss

Julian Hannabuss

Director, RevOps

The problem: Manual quote-to-revenue processes weren’t scaling with startup growth messy processes


As a startup, Procurify picked the usual, seemingly easy path—manually managing the process of selling to customers from new business in CRM to financial processes in ERP (every step from quote to subscription management to invoicing). Since starting the company, Procurify’s initial  annual subscription-based selling model has gone through iterations of repackaging and re-pricing.


Now at a larger scale, they were having issues  managing their business—manual quote-to-revenue processes were creating siloed workflows. A lack of aligned strategy on discounting was causing messy handoffs to the back office. With a lack of streamlined pricing processes and the need for customized renewals,  It was a nightmare to handle and upgrade legacy customers still on old pricing models. 


“As a fairly early stage company, you tend to make a lot of errors in the way you set things up. You don't have the greatest data. You don't have a lot of rules and processes in place. You kind of just wing it,” notes Julian Hannabuss, Director of Revenue Operations. 


“As RevOps, we were looking for something that would bring together an awful lot of things into one place where we could get much better control over the revenue cycle.” 


They knew they wanted to revamp their processes, and knew that finding the right tech to support their vision of an easy-to-manage, end-to-end solution that could handle upsells and custom pricing across the customer journey would be vital to moving forward. “One of the decisions we needed to make quite early on was: what was our tech stack going to look like to allow us to make these changes,” recalled Julian. But the question was, how? 


The opportunity: Procurify is looking for a single, end-to-end solution


Once Julian saw Nue’s solution demoed, he immediately recognized the ways in which Nue aligned with his overall philosophy towards streamlined RevOps. Instead of piecing together a CPQ system, a subscription management tool, billing, and a revenue analytics tool all managed by different teams using different processes, he saw an opportunity to unite everyone under one platform. This would be a solution that could easily be administered by a RevOps team with clear visibility into the end-to-end customer journey. No more data silos. Not more tricky hand-offs.


“We've always had the view that we need to have better ways of working together. And the RevOps team have been the primary way of making that happen. With Nue, it makes it easier to actually make that happen,” he says.


“I'd come across a number of products. None of them had the breadth of what Nue could offer.”


While other products out there boasted classic, standalone CPQ and a traditional organizational structure, the way Nue’s interface spans the customer journey was a real deal-maker. 


The solution: Nue’s end-to-end platform streamlines everything 


The implementation process was simple. Says Julian: “It was simple to put in. There's not a lot of effort. There's a few settings you can build on the Salesforce stack. It installed easily with no integration issues. You just put the thing in and off it goes.” And from there, things got even smoother. 


“It's taken out a whole piece of software, it's taken out a whole need for integration. It's taken out a whole load of errors. It’s introduced an awful lot more efficiency, not just for our backend, but also for our salespeople too.” 


From implementation onwards, Nue’s lifecycle management capabilities  struck a different chord with the Procurify team. “It was a catalyst to understanding the mess that we had before. Procurify’s smooth adoption of software that allows for customization in terms of quoting and pricing, as well as renewals, co-termination and mid-term changes, all with accurate data flowing, in real time, back to the Finance team for invoicing and analytics — without anyone Sales or Customer Success having to leave Salesforce.


Procurify’s complex, legacy pricing no longer causes headaches 


But what about Procurify’s complicated, subscription-based pricing model that has gone through iterations of repackaging? Diving into Nue’s Price Builder and Lifecycle Management tools, the team found they were able to retrofit older pricing models into their existing model, allowing legacy customers the choice of being able to upgrade or stay on their current subscription. 


With Nue, all of their difficult pricing considerations and struggles, the multiple pricing models, the tricky configurations, the complicated coterming—they simply run in the background. Legacy customers are managed without complicated, manual processes creating friction between the old and new. 


“That’s really one of Nue’s big advantages—it's not just something you can plug in for your future business. I love the retrofitting that we've been able to do into our existing business. We've got so many unique customers,” he adds. “And it's a testament to Nue that we haven’t found a situation that we can't cope with yet.”


Nue is Salesforce native


Another big selling point was Nue being native to Salesforce. Having a single interface that integrates seamlessly with an existing tech stack was a crucial piece of the smooth implementation process, and allows for up-to-date alignment between teams. 


“Everything that you're doing in Nue is happening in Salesforce, which immediately gives you relevance in reporting. We bring a lot of things into Salesforce that we can now leverage as part of the Nue solution.” 


Nue allows for cross-functionality, putting everyone on the same team


With Nue, Julian and the Procurify team have realized their vision for a holistic, cross-functional RevOps team that relies on automatic processes which bring in accurate data for all teams to gain insights from. He believes Nue can be similarly transformative for other businesses, not just as far as processes go, but also in thinking about RevOps from end to end.