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We spun up a Deal Desk function in a month using Nue.

Eric Portugal Welsh
Director of RevOps

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Increase in sales rep efficiency


ROI from finance efficiency alone

4 wk

Implementation time for quoting & lifecycle manager


Demostack is a demo automation platform. The company helps software companies create, deliver, and analyze great demos for prospective customers, which lifts conversion and leads to greater customer success.


San Diego, CA



Key features

Nue’s revenue lifecycle management system allows us to manage (everything) from that initial new business quote through co-terming, upsells, expansion revenue, all the way through renewal opportunities—all in one place.

Eric Portugal Welsh

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations

The challenge



Demostack was facing problems familiar to most SaaS companies. SaaS pricing models are complex and constantly-evolving. Existing RevOps tools just aren’t nimble enough to manage the revenue lifecycle of a modern SaaS customer. Tools are cumbersome, fragmented and don’t provide a consolidated view of the revenue lifecycle from Sales (CRM) into Finance (ERP).


“We had [customers] on different pricing plans, which wasn't trackable in any of our go-to-market systems,” remembers Director of Operations Eric Portugal Welsh. “We were using a contracting management tool to store all of our ‘CPQ-related’ data — which isn't valuable for go-to-market teams. It's great for finance, but not for us moving down the road.”


Making changes to pricing hierarchy or structures required redundant, manual operations. And Demostack’s combination of point solutions (CRM, spreadsheets, billing, ERP) was increasingly difficult to manage. “For somebody in my position where I'm managing five or six other systems, I don't have time to dedicate all my time to one system.”


The opportunity: A unifed solution


Eric sought to position Demostack for success by putting a unified RevOps system in place that could scale with the company.


“I've seen the pains that come with not implementing a revenue lifecycle management system until it's too late. We want to get ahead of the pain that I know is going to come when we have 5x the sales reps six months from now.”




The Nue solution: Easy management of your customer’s entire revenue lifecycle


“In my previous companies I've used Salesforce CPQ and demoed just about all of them,” says Eric. “But Nue has backend functionality that just works every single time. And it's so simple, I think any rep, at any skill level, could just go in there, figure it out — even if they weren't given training — and use it right away.”


“Nue is probably the best core CPQ I've come across."


Nue’s revenue lifecycle management system allows Demostack to manage customer revenue at all phases of the customer lifecycle — from initial new business quote to co-terming, upsells, expansion revenue, and renewal opportunities — all within one system.


"When I show Nue to new reps or when I showed it to our head of Finance, that customer life cycle on the account page—when you click into that and you can see every order and click into the order, manage it, co-term, create renewals…that is a game-changer.”


Easy changes to pricing hierarchy and structure


With Nue, it’s possible to build and change product and pricing catalogs in minutes — even across different sales channels.


“If we change our pricing and our packaging and our bundling structure tomorrow, it's a five-minute update in Nue,” Eric says. “If you were to do that manually in Salesforce, you have to go through three or four different objects per product to change pricing. You can't bundle anything really that well. And if you were to do it in other systems, it would be going to five or six different places to get that done. With Nue, it's all really simple — you can do it directly in the UI.”


Nue is built for scale 


“As an early-stage startup, we implemented (Nue) with scale in mind,” says Eric. “So when we become an enterprise-level customer of Nue, the platform is going to scale with us. It's built that way, easy implementation, easy scalability.”


“And the team that we've worked with has met every challenge that we've thrown at them and worked really hard to customize the solution to fit our business needs right now, knowing that we're going to be a different business six months to a year from now. Everything we have in place is really built for scale.”