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Nue approaches things in just the right way with Sales and Finance.

Steve Morgan

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faster customer proposal turnaround time


Less expensive than typical quoting implementations


Avail Medsystems is a medical technology company whose mission is to develop technologies to bring the world’s clinical expertise to every procedure room. They aim to create a world where great healthcare works for everyone.


Santa Clara, CA


Medical Tech

Key features

Nue is not just about one pricing model. It’s not just consumption or just subscription. I can combine them all in a way that works for our customers.

Sabine Stafford

Sabine Stafford

Sr. Director of Business Operations,

The problem: Existing quote solutions couldn’t easily support Avail’s pricing


Like many SaaS companies, Avail Medsystems found that existing revenue management tools aren’t built for the complex revenue lifecycles of modern SaaS customers. Further compounding Avail’s challenge is the company’s sophisticated product and pricing model that includes usage based pricing, device and service subscriptions.


Many SaaS businesses struggle with having to manually manage land and expand motions – in particular co-term or upsell calculations. These companies often cobble together a patchwork of rigid point solutions to deal with different parts of the revenue lifecycle and more complex product and pricing. But fragmented solutions can lead to redundant operations, and they can’t provide a consolidated, useful view of the full revenue lifecycle from Sales (CRM) into Finance (ERP) – especially with any customer changes or the desire to test new pricing strategies.


“What you really want is to be able to make shifts and support marketing and sales with the backend,” explains Sabine Stafford, Sr. Director of Business Operations at Avail, “and provide flexibility to be able to respond to market demands.”


The opportunity: Unified RevOps managment


Avail has had 200% single-year growth.They sought a unified RevOps system that would work across all parts of their complex revenue lifecycle.


“[We had] the opportunity to pick something new, instead of dealing with an incumbent solution that you kind of have to make work,” says Sabine.




The Nue solution


During the selection process, Avail considered a variety of other big-name tools. “And what I found striking is that there was always something that they didn't have an answer to,” says Sabine. “That was, ‘well, we don't do this,’ or ‘we can't do that,’ or ‘we just hadn't thought about it yet.’”


It quickly became apparent to Avail’s team that Nue was approaching revenue lifecycle management “the right way.”


“What I find unique about Nue is that it is not just about one pricing model,” says Sabine. “It's not just consumption. It's not just subscription. It's not just one-time. I can combine and mush them all together in a way that works for our customer.”


“Both the sales and the finance side together (were) being taken into account, versus just one or the other,” explains Sabine.


“Seeing that in one solution versus having to cobble together multiple pieces of other solutions just is very compelling.”


Full revenue lifecycle management


“Nue is bringing together all those different pieces that are usually disparate,” says Sabine. “From setting up the product to the quoting, but then also having all the information for finance to then do their thing. And then, ultimately also the billing. So really, from the beginning to the end in the lifecycle.”


Streamlined sales processes


Nue lets Avail’s sales reps work quickly and independently to close deals by providing streamlined sales processes.


“Our sales guys can now, by themselves — without having contracts and finance and everybody else involved — they can put together their proposal, with the right template, with the right product, with the right terms and conditions,” explains Sabine, “and send that off to their customers in a matter of an hour versus in a matter of days or weeks, because they don’t have to get all kinds of other people involved.”


“We're cutting down turnaround time from days into minutes. That really makes interactions with the customer much more timely because they don't have to wait.”


Better revenue analytics


What I'm excited about on the analytics is really just giving us a better and clearer picture of our business,” says Steve Morgan, Avail’s CFO. “Where we are with revenue? And where we are with the recurring piece of our revenue?”


Sabine agrees. “The thing that I'm really excited about is when there are changes or renewals, being able to tie that back to the original subscription…that is going to make analytics so much easier and so much less labor intensive.


“Nue’s product configuration really gives us the ability to then see a future impact on potential revenue, much easier. And before spending hours and hours, trying to divvy out the numbers, because the products are already configured to show us those impacts.” 


And because Nue automates data flows from sales to finance, Steve sees fewer errors and more accuracy: “And I also get the predictability and credibility of the numbers, and that for me is very important … we get the numbers and we are able to then make sure that they're accurate. And (we can) use them in a way to help us run our business.”