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Investing in Nue gave us a ton of advantages over what Salesforce CPQ could provide.

Aaron Hill
SVP of Growth Strategy

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The Arbinger Institute is a global consulting firm specializing in mindset transformation for organizations and individuals, promoting collaboration, accountability, and improved performance through an outward-focused approach.


Farmington, UT



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Having a quote tool is not the same as having something that does everything that we need it to do. There’s nothing else out there like Nue.

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

SVP of Growth Strategy

The Arbinger Institute, a company focused on leading training and consulting to transform mindsets within organizations, was having difficulty managing their revenue processes with point-solutions, until they found Nue’s end-to-end quoting, lifecycle management and billing platform.


By leveraging Nue's intuitive interface, robust suite of features, and seamless, native integration with Salesforce, the Arbinger Institute was able to revolutionize their revenue operations and achieve remarkable real-time results.


The challenge: Outdated processes and growing complexity


Before discovering Nue, the Arbinger Institute faced numerous challenges in their revenue flow. With a growing team, they struggled with Salesforce CPQ, which was proving  to be inefficient, and downright frustrating, for building quotes for the diversity of Arbinger’s product offerings. 


“We had been using Salesforce CPQ to try and create quotes for our clients. And I say try because we were trying, it just took a very long time,” says Aaron Hill, SVP of Growth Strategy, who runs RevOps for The Arbinger Institute.”


The team found it increasingly difficult to perform their tasks efficiently, hindering scalability. Additionally, as the Arbinger Institute transitioned to a hybrid physical goods plus subscription-based model, they lacked a solution that effectively managed the complexity of their pricing and accurately created client invoices.


They needed a solution that would streamline their revenue processes, enhance team collaboration, and roll subscription managements and pricing complexity into their existing offerings without throwing everyone off-kilter.


The search for a solution: Embracing Nue's unique capabilities


The Arbinger Institute's search for a comprehensive solution led them to Nue. What initially attracted them to Nue was its focus on user experience, intuitive interface, and ability to handle the complexities of their business model and their move to add subscription pricing to their more traditional model. 


When compared to their existing Salesforce CPQ infrastructure, they found, well…no comparison.


“The Salesforce CPQ system doesn't focus on subscription management. Their solution is designed to configure price and quote things, it's not designed to tailor invoices. It's not designed to provision access. It's not designed to alert you on what's changing. It doesn't remind you of how the client's life cycle is going, or what terms or conditions you'd agree to.”


Nue, as an alternative, offered the ability to do all of these things, as well as Nue provided the opportunity to utilize a platform where the Sales, Finance, Customer Success, and Product teams could collaborate seamlessly, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the revenue lifecycle. 


“With Nue, we found this data-centric way, where we're all connected. It helps us communicate like we never have, and also have accuracy that we've never had before, so we can serve our clients better,” adds Aaron.


The implementation: Transforming revenue operations


Being a native Salesforce tool, Nue leveraged Arbinger’s existing ecosystem and offered a robust, yet seamless, integration. 


Once Nue was implemented, it revolutionized the Arbinger Institute's revenue operations. First and foremost, the user experience significantly improved. Their existing team members, many of whom had been working with the existing CPQ system for ten to fifteen years, ound Nue's drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive interface to be a breath of fresh air. 


Building quotes became a breeze, saving substantial time and effort. What used to take over 12 hours to build a quote for a multi-year agreement could now be accomplished in just minutes, thanks to Nue's bundling and packaging options.


“I remember the first time that I showed an account executive how easy it was to build a multi-year, massive deal for our clients,” adds Aaron. “They were blown away. It’s very uncommon in revenue enablement operations, that somebody's so excited about a new system.”


But Nue wasn’t just a win for AEs. Nue's ability to generate accurate and tailored invoices based on real-time quotes ensured that the Finance Team could meet clients' invoicing requirements effortlessly, despite the complexity of their business model. Additionally, the Customer Success team could easily track and monitor client engagement, gaining valuable insights into usage patterns and opportunities for improvement.


Furthermore, Nue's integration with Salesforce proved to be a game-changer for cross-functional collaboration, data accuracy, and reporting insights.


“Nue was able to surface insights that Salesforce just didn't have for us. We've seen our annual contract values increase almost threefold leveraging a product like this.”


The results: Increased efficiency, cost savings, and growth opportunities


The impact of Nue on the Arbinger Institute's revenue operations has been truly transformative. The clunky and time-consuming processes of the past have been replaced with streamlined workflows. 


Notably, the transition to Nue resulted in significant cost savings for the Arbinger Institute. Compared to the previous Salesforce CPQ solution, Nue offers a comprehensive suite of features without the need for additional platforms or headcount to manage them. 


“With Nue, not only are we shaving hours off of individual workflows, we're saving money,” concludes Aaron.


Additionally, this adoption has allowed them to look to the future, and think about growing and deepening the relationships they have with their clients, in terms of both customer service and revenue growth. 


“We have to find a way to find where there are gaps. What is the white space that we're missing? And a lot of what clients are doing, how they integrate with our products and services today is serviced through Nue in a way that we couldn't before. As we scale up to serve larger and larger organizations, that's going to be more and more important.”


Overall, adoption of Nue has opened up new growth opportunities for The Arbinger Institute, and allowed them to deepen their relationships with existing customers. With streamlined processes and increased efficiency, the sky’s the limit for their complex business model.