About Nue

Modern business starts with empowering RevOps

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“Go-to-market motions today have seen a collision of new requirements. At Nue we believe that the right way to accelerate business results is by giving RevOps teams the agility to sell however they want and wherever they want – with complete revenue visibility end-to-end.

No more cobbling together solutions. No more coding projects. No more systems integrators. Just hit go. Nue enables every go-to-mark market motion expected of the modern business.”

Our values

Strive for Empathy and Excellence

You can‘t have one without the other. We believe that the best startups hold equal space for achievement and sensitivity. We‘re always looking for new ways to raise the bar for our customers, our teammates, and the industry — while staying grounded and caring for each other‘s needs along the way.

Customer Empathy isn‘t just a driving value for our company…it‘s literally the reason we exist. Understanding pain points that had become industry standard, and then swooping in to fix them is the reason that Nue was founded. And continuing to listen to our customers and tailor our product to fit their needs is the North Star that guides us.
Empathy doesn‘t just exist at the customer level. We‘re all human here: so we treat our co-workers as people first, and workers second. Whether it‘s jumping into a cross-functional project, or making space to shout-out a coworker on a big win, we see our teammates‘ triumphs as extensions of our own. It‘s all about going the extra mile for each other – personally and professionally.
Out of empathy comes brilliance. We‘re all here because we are building something that‘s redefining the industry. Our team is built of smart, engaged folks that think big. We are all here building innovation from the ground up. We don‘t have big egos—we‘re about supportive teamwork to build something that is brilliantly transformative to how people work. We‘re here because we love what we do.

About the team

Nue was founded by a team that built Zuora, Anaplan, and Salesforce Steelbrick (now Salesforce CPQ). Our investors include Information Venture Partners, NextWorld Capital, and SV Technology.

Tina Kung

Tina Kung

Founder | Technology

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Engineering & Products expertise in CPQ and Billing

Tina has over 20+ years in the opportunity to cash space.

Former VP of Products & Engineering at Neocrm (the largest CRM in China). Formerly in engineering leadership at Salesforce CPQ, Zuora, and Oracle CPQ.

Kate McCullough

Kate McCullough

Founder | Operations

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Enterprise operations + marketing

Kate is a serial startup operator with success building out startup teams and strategies that scale.

Former VP of Integrated Marketing at Anaplan (scaling from Series A to D) and VP of Marketing & Operations at NextWorld Capital. Ex-RichRelevance and Kiva.org

Gail Jimenez

Gail Jimenez

Customer Success

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Engineering & Products expertise in CPQ and Billing

Gail has a keen eye to analytics and omnichannel sales motions for enterprise tech.

Formerly Product Operations at FiveTran and director of Product Operations at Zuora.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker


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CRM and ERP expert and strategist

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years building and growing SaaS sales and operations with a specific focus on CRM and ERP applications.

Formerly CEO of Strongpoint (acquired by Netwrix), COO at ScribbleLive (acquired by Rock Content), and EVP Sales and Professional Services, Skyytek (a leading Netsuite VAR), CEO, Blanketware.

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly


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RevOps guru and sales leader

Lisa has spent her career ensuring companies have RevOps best practices and processes in place through the entire revenue cycle.

Formerly VP of Global Operations, LogMeIn, SVP of Global Operations, Talkdesk, and VP of Sales Operations at NICE inContact

Mike Haverhals

Mike Haverhals


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Marketing + Math

Mike specializes in startup growth, marketing automation, demand generation, funnel optimization, and sales efficiency.

Former online marketing lead at Twillio, cofounder of DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo), and Head of Growth at drchrono (acquired by EverCommerce).