Manage your customer revenue lifecycles with one platform

Configure dynamic pricing. Sell on any channel. Expand customer revenue. Know exactly what to bill and when.

Price Builder

Configure complex price models and discounts (tiered, ramp, usage, etc) with our no code, business-user bundle and promo builder.

Lifecycle Manager

Manage all quotes and orders from your sales channels in one place including renewals, coterms, changes, usage and provisioning.

Revenue Manager

Deliver accurate billing and revenue schedules to your ERP for invoicing, collections, and revenue recognition.

Business-user first

Rapidly build product and bundle offers

Any user can configure and bundle products (subscriptions, physical goods, services, and usage). No IT intervention and extensive training.

Manage sophisticated, multi-variable pricing

Deploy any pricing or discount model – tiered pricing, pay as you go, ramp discounts, and more.

Consumer-like experience for quotes and orders

Built for sales by sales people so quoting and orders are a breeze.

Salesforce Native

Direct extension of Salesforce’s standard objects

Let your reps live in Salesforce with Nue’s app on Appexchange for quoting and order management. Get seamless analytics across your customer journey in Salesforce.

Universal data model

Highly flexible and extensible

Brings together best of Sales and Finance data attributes so you can bridge Sales, CS and Finance (maximize your CRM, provisioning, and ERP investments). Enrich with external data. Extend anywhere.


Designed for omni-channel sales motions

Plug and play our Salesforce app for your direct sales motions and customer lifecycle management.

Write all transactions back to Salesforce

Deploy onto your website for checkout functionality and self-service management that is always in sync with Salesforce.

Real-time calculation engine

Re-calculates changes across the entire lifecycle

Bring Sales and Finance with one source of truth. Know every projected revenue detail of every quote, order, renewal, upsell and co-term in flight.

Real-time analytics

Get projected revenue metrics at every point of your customer journey

Slice and dice by highly granular data attributes. Get reports in Salesforce, Nue’s reporting, or export to your BI tool.