Accurately bill subscriptions, usage, or any price model

Nue enables agile billing for your unique GTM strategy. Unify hardware, software subscriptions, usage, and services in a single invoice. Immediately recalculate invoices against expansion or upsell changes. Seamlessly deliver transactions to your ERP.


Agile billing for your unique GTM strategy

Real-time billing analytics

Give Finance (and your whole company) holistic billing analytics visibility no matter the sales channel or pricing model.

Built for complex land & expands

Generate orders and invoices from any sales channel (direct or product-led) that reflect any mid–term changes, usage, or expansion revenue.

Clear data, clean RevRec

Get accurate and flexible ASC 606 compliant RevRec via Nue’s connected and detailed quotes, orders, changes, and invoices.

What does Nue Billing make possible?

Innovate pricing with seamless billing

Innovate pricing with seamless billing

Get creative with any combination of flexible pricing and product offerings. Easily bill different types of offerings together on a single invoice.

checkUsage pricing
checkOne-time fees

checkPhysical goods
checkPrice tiers

Flexibly adjust price tiers and special discounts by customer, cohort or if your GTM motion changes. Nue generates perfectly calculated invoices for any hybrid pricing model and any billing schedule.

Accelerate complex land and expands

Accelerate complex land and expands

No more need for Finance to scramble to generate accurate invoices because of changes. Nue speeds up invoicing by empowering your Sales and CS teams to seamlessly manage upsells, mid-term changes, and renewals. Move grandfathered accounts to new pricing. Generate perfectly calculated invoices from Salesforce into your ERP or Quickbooks (with co-terminations that are Finance approved).

Bill customers on any flexible schedule or parameter

Bill customers on any flexible schedule or parameter

With Nue, you can bill customers on any unique schedule or on-demand with if-then logic for any combinations of customer(s), products and orders. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or by custom CRON expressions.

checkBill overage usage 
checkFlexible billing parameters

checkCredit memos or negative invoices
checkCatch up billing runs

Experiment with real-time usage pricing and billing

Experiment with real-time usage pricing and billing

Want to innovate your pricing model with usage-based billing? Start experimenting with Nue’s out-of-the-box usage pricing models including overage billing, credit burn down, and pay-as-you-go. Apply usage pricing to specific features or products. Nue then rates usage in real-time and bills accordingly. You can even trigger automated upsell alerts in Salesforce to your Sales and Customer Success teams when customers hit usage thresholds. 

Read more about  Nue’s Usage Accelerator

Get powerful quote-to-revenue visibility across sales channels

Get powerful quote-to-revenue visibility across sales channels

Reduce front-to-back office friction. Give Sales and CS view access to invoices, product usage, and outstanding balances in Salesforce, so everyone knows what’s been billed and why. Nue’s plug-and-play AppExchange App for quoting and lifecycle management generates perfectly accurate invoices for Finance.

You can even go product-led and connect your website and in-app sales into your Salesforce instance so you can see one source of billing truth across all your customers.

Drive decisions with advanced revenue reporting

Drive decisions with advanced revenue reporting

Give Finance (and your whole company) holistic billing visibility no matter the sales channel or any changes. Slice and dice into historicals and see projected revenue.Because Nue tracks changes simply and accurately you get real-time analytics as to what’s changed on an order and exactly what’s reflected on the invoice.

Clarify and automate RevRec

Clarify and automate RevRec

Because Nue tracks orders, invoices and changes so accurately, you get clean, real-time data for accurate and clear revenue recognition. Configure rules that accommodate both traditional and modern subscription revenue models. Recognize revenue across self-service and direct sales motions.


Scale your revenue stack for each stage of growth

No matter how you handle subscriptions today, Nue can fit in with your existing tech stack and extend it your business grows.


Salesforce + Quote-to-Revenue

Install Nue’s AppExchange app for quoting and lifecycle management for perfect invoice generation reflecting latest changes.


Tax Calculations

Automate your taxes and reduce manual effort by connecting Nue to Avalara.


Salesforce + RevRec

Automate RevRec in Salesforce (ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance requirements) by connecting to Nue, Salesforce and RightRev.



Automate Nue invoices to Stripe for payments collection.


Collections + Accounting + RevRec

Integrate Nue invoices into Netsuite so Finance has a streamlined flow for collections, accounting, and RevRec.


Collections + Accounting

Automate Nue invoices to Quickbooks for a streamlined flow for collections, accounting.


Move as fast as your GTM motion

Nue’s platform delivers enterprise-grade functionality with rapid implementation speed and low Total Cost of Ownership .


Rapidly build product and bundle offers

Any user can configure and bundle products (subscriptions, physical goods, services, and usage). No IT intervention and extensive training.

Manage sophisticated, multi-variable pricing

Deploy any pricing or discount model – tiered pricing, pay as you go, ramp discounts, and more.

Consumer-like experience for quotes and orders

Built for sales by sales people so quoting and orders are a breeze.

Enterprise Scalability

Direct extension of Salesforce’s standard objects

Let your reps live in Salesforce with Nue’s app on Appexchange for quoting and order management. Get seamless analytics across your customer journey in Salesforce.


API reference docs for subscription management and billing

Manage revenue lifecycles across channels with plug and play APIs

Sync seamlessly with Salesforce for integrated transactions

Deploy onto your website or in-app for checkout functionality and self-service management that is always in sync with Salesforce.

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